May 13, 2009

Down... Down... Down-Sizing.

Our Palace

The beautiful "Jacaranda House" which Larry built ... mostly from Sarasota! By August, we will have had the pleasure of enjoying this luxury for a year and a half. It was nice while it lasted.

Well,nothing stays the same and anyway, I need to be knocked down a rung or two on the ladder of life. Besides, Larry and I both need a new challenge...

And here it is!

Yeah, yeah. The bigger the problem, the greater the opportunity.

Thankfully, I know Larry can fix anything. And we got some fixin' to do!

Yes. I fondly call this my own little dump, or "the crack house downtown." But the truth is this little house is well located near the heart of town and in an all-Panamanian neighborhood... plus, it sits on a dead-end street. One neighbor sells "Duros" or strawberry Icys from her home, so we know where William will be spending his pennies. All the neighbors seem lovely, and there is even a grazing horse nearby.

By September we hope to have an "After" to show, but Larry has his work cut out. He'll have to gut most of the house. The area to the right is a separate apartment and in the back is a narrow but long lot where we will have a garden, patio with fireplace, a covered area for William's skating ramp, and of course a place for Baby, my goofy, obese, asthmatic rooster and his little hen, Honey Bun.

If you put on your cheaters and look way down the road to the left, there is a horse grazing in front of the yellow roof.

That's our untucked William in the photo. Being a social guy, he'll do just great in the hub of activity downtown life presents. He can be my errand boy!

Truth be told, I am truly excited about what lies ahead.

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Mark Ballard said...

Wow! Never a dull moment at the Slagle home (whichever home that happens to be). I'll be Larry is happy as a pig in s***.



News About The Boys

Mrs. Bliss told us there is a caterpillar here that is pink and fuzzy, and, if you touch it, its fur will stick in your skin and sting you! This happened to her daughter, Aylana. It was very painful and they had to pull the fibers out using tape! There are also scorpions and snakes, but I think there are more poisonous snakes in Florida.

William is busy, busy. In the morning he does his home schooling (Dad is his teacher!). Then, around 9:00 he rushes happily off to the local, Catholic, Spanish-only school where he audits the 4th grade! He's been doing some skim boarding but we are seriously missing the skating. Surfing looms in the near future. For a change we finally have kids on our street to play with, (not to mention dogs and roosters, snakes, toads, etc.) and it is wonderful making new friends. Still, William really misses his friends and family back in Sarasota. It's wonderful to get messages from the folks back home.

We send a special "Hello How Are Ya?" back to Nolen, Max, Connor, Emily W. and Teah!

Larry is Mr. Handy! Between homeschooling and making repairs on the house, he is never without something to do. And we have gone from never seeing him, to having him around all the time. Hmmmmmm.....

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