July 17, 2008

We're Coming Home .... For Dinner

Yes, it's true. We are coming to Sarasota for two whole weeks. The trip, of course, is supposedly driven by our need to clean out and rent out our Sarasota house. So the story goes. But the real line is... Larry just wants a steak. Frankly, I don't think he will last another month without a tender and juicy NY Strip. And me? I'm hankering something terrible for a taste of Sushi, Egg Foo Young and Licorice... drooling for it, actually.

Truth be told, if it hadn't been for Leah & Paige sending those Tums & Tampons in their giant Walmart gift box, we might have been home by May. (Alas... Nada in the steak department.)

Yes, I know. The food here is fresh. You can't beat a giant papaya for a buck, or an ice cream cone for a whopping .30 cents. William's favorite treats, these little bagged ices from the corner store, go for a nickel. That's right. I said a nickel. Remember nickels? Well some of you might.

We've learned a lot in 5 months. We've learned that nothing gets done in a day, so relax. We've learned not to touch the fuzzy caterpillars, snakes and giant toads. But one of the hardest lessons, at least for Larry, was learning that there is such a thing as too lean meat. Not a spot of fat to be found. You can purchase a slab of beef, marinate the sucker for three days and still have to toss it to the dogs (no dirth of dogs! Bow wow wow...) because you broke a tooth on your Rib Eye. Yikes!

I believe I covered Chinese food in an earlier posting, and then there's Japanese. I'm aching right now just thinking about a fresh hot plate of Tempura with sweet and tangy dipping sauce.... sides of plump and colorful sushi... green tea ice cream... I actually can smellthe food and I think I can hear the ping ping ding of Asian Musak. Ok. I have to stop. Some people call this kind of lustful reminiscing "food sex" and this is supposed to be a family friendly site.

So we're coming home to pack things for storage, and, we hope, rent out our home. We are so excited to see family (Claire, Jon, Max, Connor, Aldona ... William's friends, heck, my friends). I can't wait to go to Redeemer for a proper down-on-your-knees, smells & bells Anglican service and then... hit the Hob Nob for a sloppy burger!)

We'll probably have our home Vonage Florida phone forwarded to a temporary cell so we can be reached. But, if you are around from July 26 - August 7, stop by 3051 53rd St. and say Hola! Hasta Luego... for now.

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Mark Ballard said...

The reason the meat is so lean is they don't pen the animals up and stuff them with corn. It's actually HEALTHY to eat grass fed beef. Lot's of Omega 3's etc. I guess you just have to slice it very thin like for carne asada.



News About The Boys

Mrs. Bliss told us there is a caterpillar here that is pink and fuzzy, and, if you touch it, its fur will stick in your skin and sting you! This happened to her daughter, Aylana. It was very painful and they had to pull the fibers out using tape! There are also scorpions and snakes, but I think there are more poisonous snakes in Florida.

William is busy, busy. In the morning he does his home schooling (Dad is his teacher!). Then, around 9:00 he rushes happily off to the local, Catholic, Spanish-only school where he audits the 4th grade! He's been doing some skim boarding but we are seriously missing the skating. Surfing looms in the near future. For a change we finally have kids on our street to play with, (not to mention dogs and roosters, snakes, toads, etc.) and it is wonderful making new friends. Still, William really misses his friends and family back in Sarasota. It's wonderful to get messages from the folks back home.

We send a special "Hello How Are Ya?" back to Nolen, Max, Connor, Emily W. and Teah!

Larry is Mr. Handy! Between homeschooling and making repairs on the house, he is never without something to do. And we have gone from never seeing him, to having him around all the time. Hmmmmmm.....

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