January 21, 2008

Ready... Set...

We are Panama bound February 11th and, as dad would say, "
I'm busier than a one-armed base player." Talk about a To Do list... Somebody, quick, get me an eraser! Obviously, we aren't exactly Ready. And there's no way we are Set. But GO we will.

Of course, we'll arrive with nothing but our suitcases. Yes, I am taking one suitcase with clothing and another with school items and such. I have always been a cheap date. The house has nary a cup for the coffee so don't even ask about fridges or beds. On the upside, days 1 - 3 will be spent shopping! But the most important element will be hooking up the computers so our Vonage phone (and I) can work, since I will continue with my part-time job.

Staying in touch: In Panama there are no mailboxes at the end of the driveway. No street signs, either, come to think of it. Our regular mail will be forwarded to us via a service, but email is the way to go and we can all be reached at: mailto:ebslagle@hotmail.com

When Vonage is up, just call as usual ... on our Sarasota phone! If you live in Sarasota you won't even need to dial 941! OH yeah. The girl who lives happily without a cell phone is fully appreciating the miracles of technology! James Joyce referred to the telephone as "the umbilical telephone chord." And that's just the kind of love I'm feeling when I think about a working cable line.

School: William is enrolled the Laurel Springs (California) "distance learning" school so he can finish up 3rd grade. We tossed over the cash and bought the curriculum because he is now actually enrolled, and if he returns to the States, his reentry will be treated as a transfer! Easy Breezy Baby! Plus, we'll have a teacher and support from the school.

(Ok. My knuckles are turning white just thinking about Larry as the primary teacher, 3+ hours a day, while I work! Larry is a wonderful dad...and... For the past nine years, his role has been primarily as Happy Basktball Soccer Daddy ... not as Mr. Disciplinarian! So... this will be, well, speaking euphemistally, different. And I will need to let (ouch) go... which I tend to do with clenched fists!)

Also, we hope to enroll William part time in a local school for the assimilation, language and social aspects. Emphasis on the social!

Finally: Our adventure is just around the corner and you can follow us as it unfolds. Put this blog on your "favorites" menu and watch for updates on the Slagle Panama Adventure in late February! I'll try to keep it entertaining, and I'm sure we will provide plenty of fodder.

Hasta Luego Amigos!


dawnann said...

Okay....you are posted in our favorites and I've never subscribed to a blog before either so thank you for dragging me into 2008. We will miss you.


Mark Ballard said...

I'm looking forward to hearing all about your adventures.

clairefields said...

Wonderful!!! You are soooooo smart.


penelope said...

Elizabeth!!! We are sooo excited for all of you.I am looking at my calendar, please e-mail me-Penelopespanache@verizon.net XOPenelope

Sue said...

Hey,I figured out how to do this blog crap.Are you impressed? Have you ever thought about being a writer?? Love ya, Your favorite sister-in-law

BECKY said...

Hi, I can't decide if I'm nervous or envious but I have decided to live vicariously through you if that's o.k. Please keep us posted. If your computer doesn't cooperate for the Allstate job you could always be a writer Elizabeth. Your stories are just as entertaining on paper as they are in person. Have fun guys.

We'll miss you, Becky

Anonymous said...

Hey Elizabeth, Teah and I are enjoying all your stories thus far,who needs reality t.v.? We have the Slagels!!!

We'll keep watching and reading!!

Jeanine and Teah Stebbins

Teah Stebbins said...

Hey William,
Have lots of fun and be yourself.
Its the best way to make new friends.


News About The Boys

Mrs. Bliss told us there is a caterpillar here that is pink and fuzzy, and, if you touch it, its fur will stick in your skin and sting you! This happened to her daughter, Aylana. It was very painful and they had to pull the fibers out using tape! There are also scorpions and snakes, but I think there are more poisonous snakes in Florida.

William is busy, busy. In the morning he does his home schooling (Dad is his teacher!). Then, around 9:00 he rushes happily off to the local, Catholic, Spanish-only school where he audits the 4th grade! He's been doing some skim boarding but we are seriously missing the skating. Surfing looms in the near future. For a change we finally have kids on our street to play with, (not to mention dogs and roosters, snakes, toads, etc.) and it is wonderful making new friends. Still, William really misses his friends and family back in Sarasota. It's wonderful to get messages from the folks back home.

We send a special "Hello How Are Ya?" back to Nolen, Max, Connor, Emily W. and Teah!

Larry is Mr. Handy! Between homeschooling and making repairs on the house, he is never without something to do. And we have gone from never seeing him, to having him around all the time. Hmmmmmm.....

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